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What people are saying about Rick:


"Rick Miller is a trustworthy, friendly, knowledgeable accountant who makes our job easier. He answers the myriad of questions about our company taxes, life insurance, profit sharing, 401k, health insurance, financials, etc. It’s been a pleasure to work with him."
-Dana Fontes, P.E., Principal, Sider+Byers


"Rick Miller has been the CPA for Family Resource Home Care, Inc. and my personal CPA since 2006. Rick is an expert on all tax and accounting matters related to businesses and families. He is also extremely responsive and reliable, thinks “ahead of the curve,” and has the ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and direct way. I would recommend Rick to any small or medium size business, or individual, without hesitation."
-David Lawrence, CEO, Family Resource Home Care


"The most important thing for us is that Rick is always timely in answering any of our questions and or solving any problems that may arise. He does so in a very professional manner and always follows up with us. We are a small corporation but he treats us as if we are his only client. He has been our accountant for 20 years and never once have we had a problem."
-Ellen Hartgrove, Fire Cause Analysis


"Rick has been instrumental in helping A1A, Inc. minimize our corporate and personal taxes and plan for upcoming tax changes. He takes the time to understand our business and market and uses this along with his own knowledge and skills to help management plot our strategic course. We have been using his services for over 10 years and appreciate his guidance."
-James Cornish M.B.A., Avenue Medical, LLC


"Rick is responsive, reliable, professional, conscientious and caring. From a business perspective, we often have ideas of what we want to accomplish and then let Rick help us figure out if it is possible and how we can do it. As we established our partnership, Rick assisted us every step of the way in figuring out the tax ramifications. We confidently refer our clients to Rick."
-Scott R. Jewett, CFP, MarsJewett Financial Group, Inc.


"Rick Miller has been a knowledgeable resource for my company. He not only prepares our taxes, but helps us to strategize both annual expenses and long terms plans to maximize our value and minimize tax obligations. I trust his straightforward recommendations and approach and feel I can reach out to him with questions at any time. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."
-Julie Barrows, Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island


“Rick Miller is knowledgeable, trustworthy and has always had our best interests in mind which gives me the assurances I need as a business owner. This assurance allows me to focus on my job to work on business and personnel development and the operations of our company. Since this is my second business I have a better sense of value when it comes to doing things right the first time. It’s no fun losing sleep over things that can easily get gummed up when they are not properly set up and addressed from day one. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick Miller for his financial and tax services to both businesses and to individuals."
-Rob Kingsley, President, Northstar Electrical, LLC


"Rick has always been extremely helpful to us, and always available to help answer any questions. He always makes sure that we are moving forward both in our company and relationships.”
- Julia Holderegger, Office 
Manager & Bookkeeper, Windermere Real Estate/North, Inc.




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